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Kowa C-883N Neoprene case for TSN-883

Warranty Information

All Kowa branded sporting optics products come with a 10 year warranty.
Kowa Micro four third lenses come with a 3 year warranty.

Caring for Your Product

All Kowa products are manufactured to high quality Japanese standards and as a result, we recommend that proper maintenance and care is given in order to keep your item(s) in good working condition.

Binoculars, Scopes and Eyepieces

We always recommend that when your optics are not in use, they are stored with lens caps/dust covers on and inside a case, away from direct sunlight. When storing Kowa optical equipment for long periods of time, please ensure that there is no residual moisture left on the body nor the storage area is wet or damp as water can promote mold growth.

Despite various protection measures incorporated in our optical equipment, we never recommend:
- dropping equipment from large heights causing severe impacts
- extreme temperature changes
- applying extreme pressure or force to a piece of equipment
- disassembly of any internal/external parts

Innovative features on newer Kowa binocular models (Kowa Repelling coatings) make cleaning of optical parts far easier. However, in all cases we recommend that care is taken when cleaning any Kowa optical device. We strongly advise using a specialist cleaning kit that can be readily purchased (Amazon) which includes a soft brush, air blower, micro fibre cleaning cloth and some form of cleaning fluid. To clean lens surfaces, please follow these steps:
- Use a blower/soft brush to remove larger particles or dust from the lens surface.
- Spray lens cleaning fluid onto a micro fibre cleaning cloth (not directly onto the lens surface) and gently wipe, in a circular motion. You may need to repeat this step a number of times.
- Fog up the lens surface (with your breadth) and use a clean piece of micro fibre cleaning cloth to clear.

To clean the body of any Kowa optical equipment, we again recommend using a cleaning kit (do not use cleaning fluid) to gently remove blemishes or any other dirt that has built up. Be careful not to scratch a metal surface, use gentle force to clean only. An air blower can be used to get grit and dirt out of any hard to reach moving parts on the body, for example the dioptre or focusing wheel.

Non-Optical Accessories
Care and maintenance is also required for accessory products. We again recommend that accessories are kept clean and where possible, not subjected to extreme temperature change or severe wet weather. Optical assist accessories such as neck straps can become worn after heavy and long term use. We recommend that attention is given to these and once the accessory has reached the end of its useful life, it is replaced in order to avoid it break during use.


Please contact us for repair information.