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Kowa Astronomical Adapters


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With the use of KOWA-SYSTEM Astronomy adapters, a Kowa PROMINAR TSN-880/770 spotting scope can accept standard 1.25” fitting astro eyepieces and adapters for night sky observation and photography. 

Combine with the Kowa EX16 1.6 extender for deep space object viewing.

TSN-AS1.25K (Knurled screw fitting)

TSN-AS1.25G (Grub screw fitting

One of the advantages of THE KOWA SYSTEM is doubtless the option to make use of our terrestial observation Kits for astronomical observations too. Enjoy astronimal observations with your own 1.25" astro fitting eyepieces with an ultra compact Kowa spotting scope.

One model comes with knurled screws and one with grub screws. The fixing mechanism with knurled screw is more comfortable as it allows a faster exchange of the eyepiece. These adapter rings can only be used on our premium PROMINAR TSN-880/770 scope family.

People travelling to remote places on our planet where the light condition still allows astronomical observations are at its best, are very often confronted with the fact, that astronomical telescopes are much bigger and it is a big burden to get this  equipment to these places. With KOWA SYSTEM the story is different. Just one optical device, the TSN-880/770 scope offers a full range of observation during day & night with the option too use your own collection of 1.25" fitting astro eyepieces in a compact, portable and lighweight body. 

The Kowa-TSN-880 pure fluorite crystal spotting scope eliminates chromatic aberration to an almost invisible extent. The perfect tool for astronomical observations.

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