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KOWA Lectures at BBWF 2013

Friday 12th July 2013

Join KOWA at the British Birdfair 2013 in the Optics Marquee and try our latest stunning spotting scopes and binoculars! We have two exciting lectures at British Birdfair 2013, make sure not to miss them:



Anglican Water Birdwatching Centre, Sunday, 18th of August, 3:30-4:10 PM


Lecture Marquee 1, Sunday, 18th of August, 4:30-4:50 PM


Digiscoping using KOWA products:

DSL-R Digiscoping

The KOWA TSN PZ telephoto adapter transforms yout KOWA TSN 880/700 series spotting scope into an extremely high quality telephoto lens for your DSL-R camera. the TSN PZ has a variable focal length range of 680mm-1,000mm, which gives you the addedd flexibility when composing your image

Compact Camera Digiscoping

Unleash the telephoto power of your KOWA spotting scope by adding the TSN-DA4 compact camera digiscoping adapter. the TSN DA4 attaches securely to your KOWA spotting scope eyepiece by symply unscrewing the eye-relief cap, allowing you to attach either the TSN-DA10 collar (TSN880/ 770 series), or the TSN-DA1A collar (TSN 660/ 600/ 82SV). The DA4 slides over the collar and is fixed by tightening the screw to lock it in place. 


Transform your iPhone 4/4S or 5 into a super telephoto lens. 

It couldn't be easier to start taking magnified imaged or HD video with your iPhone and KOWA optic, via the TSN-IP4S/ TSN-IP5 digiscoping holder. Simply slot your iPhone into the holder and screw in the appropriate adapter ring- then push the adapter over the eyepiece of your spotting scope and you're ready to digiscope. 



KOWA Telephoto Lens

Always at the forefront of optical excellence, the KOWA super Telephoto Lens draws upon decades of advanced technology and development. 

A unique and innovative product designed to meet the huge challenges associated with telephoto photography. A truly compact, flexible and ultra-portable telephoto lens systems that does not compromise on optical quality. 

As with all KOWA optics, the telephoto lens delivers simply stunning images made possible by a pure Fluorite crystal lens and two XD extra low dispersion lenses producing the highest level of sharpness and contrast. 

The lens unit features a dual, manual focus rings, incorporating quick and ultra-fine focusing option. You are in full control of focusing. No more frustrating auto-focus hunting. 

The decision is yours; quickly and accurately focus on even the most challenging subjects. 

The KOWA telephoto lens is designed to meet the demands of the telephoto photographer, featuring a unique, interchangable focal lenght adapter- along with the standard 500mm f5.6, you may choose the brighter 350mm f4 or even the greater telephoto work, the 850mm, f9.6 adapter. 

Compact and portable: for the photographer on the move, by removing the lens hood and focal lenght adapter, this system delivers unrivalled levels of transportability. It's the pefect companion and the first choice for telephoto expeditions. 


To learn all this and much more, make sure to visit us at the British Birdfair 2013! See you all there!