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Next Generation phonescoping with Kowa and the New iPhone 6S

Monday 28th September 2015

With the launch of the impressive new Apple iPhone 6S with stunning 4K video, a totally new 12 megapixel image sensor for incredible stills and the ability to take 8 Megapixel stills whilst recording 4K video - Kowa are delighted to announce that their existing TSN-IP6 iPhone digiscoping adapter fits the new iPhone model perfectly and is ready to digiscope with this next generation technology! 

Combine the iPhone 6S with the incredible Kowa 880 series spotting scope for breathtaking results. The fluorite crystal objective lens of the Kowa 880 series scopes produce simply stunning stills and video from the iPhone 6S. This leap in image quality closes the gap considerably between a mobile phone and pro spec DLSR bodies.

The Kowa TSN-IP6 is ready to digiscope with the new iPhone 6S

This is great news for anybody who wants no-fuss digiscoping but without compromising on quality. Kowa's phone adapters are made with ease and simplicity in mind. Each adapter is made specifically for a phone model, no adjustments are needed, simply click your phone in to the case and push over the eyepiece and you're ready to digiscope.

It's easy to see why phonescoping is becoming the most popular method of digiscoping - a smart phone sits in your pocket, no extra gear to carry. Kowa adapters are quick and easy to use and the smart phone camera controls are simple and intuitive. As the technology progresses, image quality just keeps on getting better. 

And further more - with the free iMovie app, editing and sharing your glorious 4K digiscoped videos could not be easier!

Some sample digiscoped images from the iPhone 6S and Kowa TSN-883 spotting scope, TE-11WZ 25-60x eyepiece and Kowa TSN-IP6 iPhone digiscoping adapter:


4K video footage from the iPhone 6S and Kowa TSN-883 spotting scopeTE-11WZ 25-60x eyepiece and Kowa TSN-IP6 iPhone digiscoping adapter:

Some useful iPhone 6 Phonescoping hints and tips:

> When using the Kowa TE-11WZ eyepiece - for best results, twist the eye-relief cap back two notches before pushing on the adapter - this creates the optimum position for the iPhone 6S lens and the Kowa TE-11WZ eyepiece.

> Rather than using the iPhone's digital zoom function to eliminate vignetting - zoom up wih the Kowa TE-11WZ eyepiece to approximately 50X when shooting stills and approximately 35x when shooting video. This will remove vignetting and preserve the high resolution image.

> To prevent camera shake you can use the iPhone's earphones volume button as a electronic shutter allowing you to operate the camera phone hands free.

To learn more about our range of Kowa digiscoping adapters - click here.