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BBWF 2012 update

Sunday 30th September 2012

Kowa Optimed MD Bob Ireland catches up with David Hatton at BBWF 2012

About David Hatton

David is a keen naturalist and semi-professional photographer. Accompanied by his Canon DSLR and various digiscoping lenses (Kowa Optimed), he sets out to obtain portraits in the natural environment that are a little out of the ordinary, with his primary aim to capture motion, behaviour and light. He displays framed works at art galleries and exhibitions, and his photos have featured in books and many magazines. (From his website- www.kowapower.com) David was awarded the runner up prize at this year’s Bird Photograph of the Year, organised by British Birds publication. The award winning picture ‘Little Egret’ was taken with his trusted Kowa TSN-823 Spotting Scope plus 32x eyepiece and DA1 adaptor, using his Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 camera. David purchased his first scope in 1990, but quickly experienced fogging as well as focusing problems especially when using in damp conditions. These experiences left David unable to use his scope and after many years of searching for the perfect alternative, he discovered Kowa. Based on a review in the British Birds publication, David purchased a Kowa TSN -821 spotting scope in 1996 and thanks to its market leading performance, he really began to enjoy his new pursuit.

Bob Ireland (Managing Director of Kowa Optimed Europe) meets with David Hatton at BirdFair 2012

Experience with Kowa Scopes 

After several successful years with the TSN -821, David then decided to purchase Kowa’s flagship model the TSN-823 which includes fluorite crystal lenses. He continues to use it to this day. With image quality being imperative to David, the main reasons why he chooses Kowa scopes are:

1 – Exceptional image Quality – due to fluorite crystal lenses
2 – Ergonomic design – scope is lightweight, has a shorter body and ideal to place into a camera bag
3 – Reliability –Kowa scopes are waterproof, scratch resistant, heat resistant etc and this ensures that David has a reliable scope that will perform in all climates
4 - Wide field of view –benefit of eyepiece with fixed magnification
5 - Comfortable scoping- due to taller angled eyepiece
6 - Convenience- lightweight eyepiece has a screw thread, which is simple to attach to the camera and scope.

First started ‘digiscoping’ in 2001 using the Nikon Coolpix with his Kowa scope and adapter.
Only limiting factor to capturing great images is the type of DSLR and finding the perfect solution for your photography. David has spent many years changing his DSLR cameras but one thing has still remained – his reliable and high quality Kowa scope.