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8x30 YF Binocular Wins Award

Thursday 11th October 2012

Jason Whitehead of Best Binocular Review gives Kowa 8x30 YF binoculars award for Best Low Cost Binocular 2012.

When reviewing our YF binoculars, Jason Whitehead takes into consideration several aspects.

The Body

Jason was amazed to see how light and comfortable to hold the YF binoculars are.

Build quality

The frame of the YF binoculars is covered with rubber armouring. This armour makes the binoculars less reflective, dampens down any sounds, if something like the user’s watch or ring strikes against the barrel. This is important when the user wants to remain unnoticed when observing birds and other wildlife.
The bridges between the two barrels are made from metal, as opposed to other binoculars which use plastic.

Waterproof and fogproof

The YF series binoculars are waterproof, this not only protects them from moisture, but in dry conditions it also prevents dust from entering them. Regarding fogproofing, the air inside these binoculars is replaced with dry nitrogen gas. This makes the user safe to use them in low temperature places, high humidity level areas or during rapid temperature changes.

The eye cups

Jason says the twist-up (helicoid) mechanism of the eye-cup is excellent, being very smooth and having 4 fixed stops (2 intermediate). This means that eyeglass wearers have a good amount of flexibility when adjusting the eye-relief to suit their exact needs.


Regarding the focusing wheel, this has a diameter of 35mm which is large enough to make using them with thick gloves on.
The focusing mechanism is geared so that it only takes about ¾ of a turn of the wheel to go from infinity to its minimum focusing distance. This makes focusing from near to far (or vice versa) very quick.

Interpupillary distance

The distance between the centres of the ocular lenses are adjustable from a minimum of 5.1cm to a maximum of 7.2cm by opening and closing the central hinges located on the bridge.

Diopter adjustment

You can find markings on the barrel and a few on the dioptre ring so if you can remember your mark, it is simple to return it to your desired setting.


It is very comfortable to hold on to this design of binoculars and the large focusing wheel is easy to reach.


The Prisms and their coatings

Optical components and coatings include the use of BaK-4 glass on the prisms.


Fully multi-coated lenses are used on both their YF series binoculars, which mean all air-to-glass surfaces have received multiple layers of anti-reflective coatings which increases light transmission to produce a brighter image and therefore better low light performance.

Optical Stats

Colour Fringing

There was no obvious signs of colour fringing (chromatic aberration) around the edges of objects even when closely observing the edges of light or white coloured objects sitting in front of a dark background. So once again I would say that they perform excellently in this area


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