Kowa 125 Year Anniversary Photography Competition

What is Your Outdoors? The outdoors conveys memories, images, sounds, and smells differently for everyone. Whether it be a swim in the lake, viewing the stars, sitting in a blind, or hiking a new trail, there are so many great times in our lives that involve the outdoors. We want this to be more of a sharing experience than a photo contest. We want you to share your favorite memories of the outdoors by way of a photo and a caption. It does not need to be edited, nor do you need to use an expensive camera. The beauty of the outdoors is different through everyone’s eyes, so what is your outdoors?

If you are interested in participating in the contest, please visit our social media channels (FaceBook, Instagram, and/or Twitter) and submit your photo. Be sure to include #Kowa125 in your submission to complete the contest entry.


TSN-883 pure fluorite crystal spotting scope, TE-11WZ wide angle, zoom eyepiece and C-883N case.


A stunning TSN-553 compact crystal spotting scope with C-553 case.


A pair of ultra compact Genesis 8x22 binoculars.

Share your best nature / outdoor image with us using the #Kowa125 on Instagram, Twitter or on our Facebook page. Or upload your image using our upload form. Examples are landscape, wildlife, activities, etc.
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